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... ChatBuddie Guidelines ...

Children under the age of 14 may not participate in this community.

Users who violate our standards while in our collaberative web site may be denied access to this site, without due recourse. Right to use at any specific time does not constitute a continued obligation to provide a service.

Portions of this web site support interactive chat rooms. and other forms of private messaging. We encourage an atmosphere of understanding and thoughtful debate. Please abide by the following code of conduct:

* Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments are not appropriate.
* Any form of direct or indirect personal attack or harassment is unacceptable behavior and is not tolerated.
* Any comment that calls for unlawful or illegal behavior or might result in harm to others is not allowed.
* All forms of "denial of service" attacks are strictly prohibited.
* Remain friendly and civil.
* No advertising or Spamming is allowed
* Abide by administratora redirection and respect their decisions

Violating the code of conduct at any time may result in sanctions, including exclusion from the community.

Unsecured HTTP/Wingate/SOCKS Proxies

The use of unsecured proxies is not permitted on CB. CB will actively scan for unsecured proxies using both a probing method as well as a public domain black hole list to ensure the safety of its users and the integrety of the network.

Third-Party User Rooms

This site contains links to other web sites, and unless otherwise noted these sites are not under the direct control of CB. The content at these sites is controlled by and is the responsibility of each individual site.
All user rooms are subject to our code of conduct and agree to these terms by using this website.
Abuses should be reported directly reported to CB Staff for investigation.
We reserve the right to exclude or re-categorize any user room.
CB staff have the right to freely enter any user room if they feel the need to protect other rooms or users on the network

Note that these terms are subject to change at any given time, and that by agreeing to them you also agree to any and all future changes. CB staff reserves the right to dictate policies and any direction given by staff is to be treated as part of these terms of use. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our website, please feel free to email us.

ChatBuddie - Server Room Guidelines

The use of Slight Cursing is allowed within reason ( respect to others is key )
NO Drug Related topics or contact is allowed
NO Flooding or Advertising, of any sort...
NO Racial remarks, slurs, etc will not be tolerated.
There's no room for this in a global community, or anywhere else for that matter.

Foreign languages are allowed in the room. However, if you know English, we suggest using it so everyone can participate.

Please do not post your e-mail address, personal webpage, phone number, or any other information you'd rather not share with an axe murderer.... That's not to say there are axe murderers running about... but be sensible about it. This is a room full of people you don't know... You'd not walk into a club and start handing out your home address and credit card number.

Please don't post URLs, unlike a forum, we can't erase the naughty things, and there's no way for us to check every URL to see if it's safe for the room. ( YOUTUBE is allowed )

This is not a sex room. If you're looking for that, go elsewhere. A bit of flirting is ok, but we have a lot of teenagers, and we don't want nasty letters from their parents.

If you're going to talk about politics... please keep it moderate. A discussion turns to an argument far too easily.

If you're going to talk about religion, please bear in mind others have different views... once again, a discussion turns to an argument far too easily. ( If a Admin or Moderator asks to change the topic then do so )

Please respect others, and try to be friendly.

The Admins & Moderators do their best to keep the chat friendly and safe. They're not on your case because they want to be mean, or don't like you. They do this because they want a chat they can enjoy, and they want everyone else to be able to enjoy it as well.

Thanks for your support and understanding

The Admin Team


Email Address - Email@ChatBuddie.Com